getting started with ihac…


New Patient Registration &
booking the first Appointment

1) Are you a new patient or looking to become one? The best way to start is for you to follow this link and fill out the patient profile. Once you have done that, we will call you to set up your first appointment!

You should be aware that this link will ask you for your credit card information. We keep your card on file in case we need to charge a “no show” fee. We charge this fee when patients do not give at least 24-hour notice of missing their appointment. See more about this on our Policies page.


documents to bring with you to your first appointment

2) Once your appointment is booked, we will email you two documents. The first is an intake questionnaire - it is 18 pages long, so please make the time to fill it out prior to your visit! If you suffer from more than one headache type, then you should fill out and print page 5 for each type of headache (if you’re not sure about headache types, that’s okay, do what you can and we’ll work out the rest together). Bring this document to your appointment. The second document is a medical records request authorization. Please email or fax that document to us as soon as you can AND bring any additional scans/imaging (CD's are best) or records to your appointment.

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Once you’re here

3) Your initial consultation appointment lasts about 2.5 hours and must take place in our office. You will be charged $450 as soon as you arrive at the clinic on the day of your appointment. You should be prepared to hand the receptionist your completed intake questionnaire (see above), driver's license or other form of identification, and an insurance card if you have one (please remember that this is to coordinate medications and workup as needed, WE DO NOT TAKE INSURANCE).