IHC does not provide emergency services.  Call 911 or seek emergent/urgent medical care should you have a headache different in character than your usual headache, more severe or associated with new symptoms (such as but not limited to fever, lethargy, weakness, sensory loss, other neurological symptoms, etc).


Only active IHC patients are eligible for prescription medications through IHC providers.  

Refill medication prescriptions are to be requested during regular business hours.  We strive for same day refills, however refills made late in the day may not be filled until the next business day.


Our providers and staff are committed to quality patient care. When you schedule an appointment, that time is reserved for you.  We do our best to provide the timely patient visits you deserve.

Late arrivals will result in a shortened service, as your appointment will begin and end on time, so the next patient will not be delayed.  Under these circumstances, the full service fee applies however we will accommodate as much of your scheduled visit as possible. 

We understand that unpredictable circumstances arise, and ask that you reschedule or cancel your appointment as soon as possible.  Fees up to the full fee of service may apply for cancellations less than 24 hours from appointment time.


IHC members agree to the patient-provider membership guidelines developed to foster mutual respect, must be active participants in their treatment plans and keep follow up appointments as specified by their provider.  


Please contact us with questions!

General clinic or IHC membership: 972-685-7175

IHC members should use their direct provider contact information


We are happy to help! Please check our FAQ page, call or Email Us.