The Road to Medicine

So how did I get here? Well, how far back do you want to hear about? Okay, I’ll spare the details and fast forward to High School – where I had my first “check mate” experience that maybe I should be involved in the medical field.  My totally awesome Latin teacher, Mrs. G, who knew my older siblings and had me in class since junior high asked about my ambitions.  “I think liberal arts; political science will be my major,” was my response.  She has always been a direct lady, “really? You strike me as a science person, have you thought about medicine and being a physician?” I laughed back at her, “no, I don’t think I want anything to do with being a doctor.” In my mind, I was wondering, “what the heck did she know about me anyway?” And, I did not really give her comment a second thought (yet).


So, off to college I went and completed a degree in Government with the idea to pursue healthcare politics.  “The system is broken, I can help fix it!” I thought. In the interim, I developed a fascination and borderline obsession with the brain and neuroscience.  Reading articles and books to find out more about neurology as a “hobby”.  As I was approaching the end of my degree in Government, I became less and less intrigued while more and more disillusioned with politics.  Maybe I should pursue neuroscience? I applied for a dual bachelor’s and master’s program, and it was amazing.  Though bench work in the research lab became tedious and I felt detached from humanity, I was still in search for a profession that would allow me to pursue my passion and learn about the human brain.


I liked the people aspect of government, and the science aspect of neuroscience.  AND my favorite color is orange, so that means I enjoy caring for others or something, right?! With all this in mind, I got to thinking, “maybe I should be a neurologist” where I’d be able to combine all my interests: helping individuals, building connections, working with humans and studying the brain while modeling the ideal practice for bottom up care.  Never felt so much like Timon from “The Lion King” as at that moment of realization.  Mrs. G was right.

Watch about the first 1 min 25 seconds to get my gist - Ms. G is Pumbaa and I’m Timon!

PUMBAA: Maybe he'll be on our side.
TIMON: That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Maybe he'll... Hey, I've got it. What if he's on our side?
TIMON: You know, having a lion around might not be such a bad idea.
PUMBAA: So we're keeping him?
TIMON: Of course. Who's the brains of this outfit? My point exactly. Jeez, I'm fried. Let's get out of here and find some shade.