How about a name?

Finding a clinic location was fairly straightforward, opting for a smaller office at an affordable price with easy access.  It also helped to have a hospital affiliation, with potential to work on the inpatient piece of headache management.  We don’t have marble floors and wood trimmings, but this is how we are able to keep prices lower for our patients.  We could still budget a nice waiting room with appropriate sound, lighting, and ambience - - something I have not had the luxury to provide for the headache population in past experiences.

Now, what should we call this thing? Growth comes from setting your goals high and I’ve always been taught that if you want to make a difference, “then start from the inside out.”  Meaning: work on yourself, your household, your community and next move out to the city, state, country and international level.  We need a practical name, one that matches our goals and can encompass our dreams.  International Headache Center.