Growing a Clinic

As a soon to be mother of four, 18 months of growing a clinic baby sounds pretty grueling.  Not to mention, how am I going to feed my human babies? Sacrifice plus patience, persistence and perseverance.  This is ultimately to make life better not only for my patients, my staff, my family and little old me, but also for the future of medicine, and the headache and facial pain population. I know, that’s a little “Pinky and The Brain” grandiose but if not for a greater purpose, then just not.


Where as it used to be more straight forward for a doc to get a loan, and because we have also moved away from local community things – including banks, I initially opted to go to a larger bank for a loan.  Bad idea.  After a grueling process, as well as lots of back and forth with people asking for documents but never really talking to me, I got a big fat “no”.  They did let me open some accounts and give me a credit card with a reasonable limit though, so I guess it wasn’t a complete failure.  So now what? When I started I didn’t see the value of knowing your banker, or moving toward a more personalized bank with that good old community feel AND modern access.  Guess everyone wants direct care.


So, I found that type of bank.  Amazingly, those bankers got to know me. They actually listened and heard the business plan.  They also, ran the numbers with me and agreed I was reliable enough for the loan. Phew, now I have the funds to move forward.