Belisi Gillespie

Consultant Communications Editor


Belisi has worked in digital-media marketing for eight years in both Spanish-language and English-language media companies. She has also served as a web and social media specialist for small businesses and a variety of non-profit organizations.

Belisi Head Shot CDIHC.jpg

In fact, her experience with non-profit groups has inspired her commitment to International Headache Center and its mission to treat patients using every means available - traditional care, innovative approaches to mind/body recuperation, and especially the utilization of digital media to directly engage both doctors and patients. The Center's dedication to not only patients, but also doctors, staff, and the entire healthcare system is intellectually and emotionally stimulating and constitutes a real step forward in how we carry the practice of medicine into the future.

Belisi is currently pursuing an advanced degree at the University of California, but serves the International Headache Center team from afar by contributing to its virtual communication efforts and website content development. Carpe Diem!