becoming a member


What happens after the initial consultation visit?
how & when do i decide to become a member?

Congratulations, you’ve completed the registration and initial consultation in the IHaC office! Now what?

The next step is to schedule a follow-up visit. We’ll work together to decide the right length of time between your initial consultation and your first follow-up. Normally what we do is provide you with a copy of our membership agreement after the initial consultation. That way, you have some time to look it over, talk to us some more, and generally think about how you would like to proceed. In fact, we insist that you take some time to decide whether or not becoming a member is right for you - - so, we build in an automatic two-week delay in accepting a membership agreement from you after your initial consultation.

Once you’ve decided to become a member (a minimum of two weeks after your initial consultation or during your follow-up visit… or any time in between or after!), we’ll help you with the necessary paperwork.

You can always decide to operate on a pay-as-you-go model (see below), but the benefits are far fewer.


you’ve decided to become a member! Awesome!
here’s what you can expect next:

1) Once you have made the decision to become a member, you are required to sign the member agreement and select a date for auto-payment. The first month's membership payment includes the monthly fee AND the membership enrollment fee.

2) Membership includes access to in-office visits, televisits, same-day/next day appointments and cancellations, and a private text-message number for the physician. Membership also includes access to nutrition and yoga regiments and discounts on supplements and procedures.

3) You can opt out of membership anytime by giving one month's notice - - there’s no penalty!


if you still are unsure about membership, but would like to continue visiting the international headache center, you can “pay-as-you-go”

1) Each follow-up visit for Pay-As-You-Go patients costs $250 and must take place in our office. No televisits or texting privileges are available for Pay-As-You-Go patients.

2) Pay-As-You-Go patients may opt into membership at anytime by signing the member agreement form, paying the enrollment fee, and paying the first month's membership fee.

If you suffer from chronic headaches and are committed to finding an action plan that works for you, Pay-As-You-Go is not a good option because it severely restricts the access you have to your care provider and the general benefits that IHaC offers.

Remember that we are always happy to discuss your options with you!