Ashley Ippolito

Consultant Development Coordinator

Ashley serves as liaison between International Headache Center team members and patients by streamlining a collaborative approach to the implementation and success of patient care. 

Trained as a professional photographer, she has a unique 10-year background in small business, communications, project management, strategic planning, and business development. Ashley keeps International Headache Center up-to-date with best-practices, current developments, and strategy-implementation as we move forward and build our community.

Ashley Head Shot CDIHC.jpg

Ashley is currently working to develop and implement programs that align with International Headache Center’s mission and support International Headache Center’s goals. In addition, she will be creating day-to-day activity schedules and will work closely with the rest of our team members to develop special programs for our patients.

As a migraine sufferer herself, Ashley believes in the importance of giving a voice to the millions suffering from headaches. She is thrilled to be a part of International Headache Center and believes in the mission of empowering those who live with headaches.