Our Approach

International Headache Center coordinates a variety of headache-related services: consultation, individualized treatment design, physical and occupational therapy, and ancillary services. Additionally, we soon hope to provide a 24/7 headache hotline that allows IHaC members to communicate directly with medical specialists. Our ultimate mission is to facilitate all resources that enable our patients to take an active role in managing their neurological disorder and treating it. In doing so, our patients can rebuild their confidence and begin to flourish despite living with a chronic disease. 

In order to make our mission a reality, we are mobilizing a dynamic community in which care-providers are accessible, informative, and supportive and where patients feel comfortable, hopeful, and in command of their own treatment.

We’re going beyond this, in fact. The doctor-patient relationship is currently an indirect one where insurance agents and non-specialists position themselves as intermediaries and set up frustrating road-blocks for both patients and doctors. We want to break down those barriers to healthcare and rip up that red tape surrounding appointments, prescriptions, referrals, insurance, and all the rest. International Headache Center is developing a direct healthcare model that not only empowers the patient (you!), but also empowers doctors. We are reinstating one of medicine's simplest principles: doctor and patient work together to treat medical conditions. 

We understand, moreover, that this doctor-patient relationship is one that is made possible only by the effective collaboration between our staff members, medical experts, patients, partners, and extended communities. Part of our mission, then, includes fostering a nurturing environment for our staff and other team members so that they feel comfortable and supported in performing their jobs.

It takes a village to get a job done, so let’s seize the day. Let's get your life back on track. Let's create a system that allows us to do so. Let's do it together!